Who are we? What are we? We are young people who don’t fear new challenges and opportunities. We are overmotivated, sleep 5 hours a day and use all spare time on being productive (Haha, if only 5 hours of sleep was enough). We’ve been running our own JA Company since september as a part of programme provided by JA Slovakia. We’re making money out of our own product and running business while not being 18 yet. And that’s worth it! If you want to know more about our work, you’re at the right place.

President and spokeswoman

Not only Slovakia is happy to have a charming female president. Our president along with her right hand, equally enchanting and talkative spokeswoman, form an inseparable pair which oversees proper functioning of the company and collaboration between departments and individuals. Oof, what an exhausting work to do.

Production department

Čokô for breakfast, lunch or dinner? You can let yourself have it any time of the day thanks to our production department. We have developed 5 (in words five) unique flavours so far. Guess which one is our favourite? FigaRumBum of course! Naturally because of the unmistakable taste of figs.   

Marketing department

We take the credit for being in every corner and for the fact that you must have heard about us already. It is not in vain that our department is the biggest in terms of headcount. Graphic designer, promoter, advertising manager or vendor, those are positions which help our company flourish in 21st century.

Finance department

Your finances are always safe with us! 100 euros back and forth and minimal losses allowed. Okay, this is how it does (not) function. We are definitely the most favourite department, because the whole company has money to get a beer thanks to us. Non-alcoholic, of course.

Human resources department

We understand each other perfectly, nobody is arguing and friendly atmosphere is a certainty. Okay, maybe it doesn’t always look like this, but a teambuilding on Friday evening solves every misunderstanding. And the company can move ahead to infinity and beyond!