Whether you are an old classic or just a fresh blood, this flavour will win your heart with its universal usage. It is sweet, but just right. You can enjoy it on its own or as a part of various recipes available on our website.

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Summer, heat, erotica… ehm, exotica. You’re lucky to be able to remind yourself of summer in any season. Just let čoKOKOS drop your jaw. Fancy cocoa? Have a čokô!

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Without coffee there’s no morning and without morning there’s no day, every caféphile understands that. But we have something even better. Coffee-flavoured cocoa cream KAFEin made from the best coffee beans only.

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You like booze? Try this orgasmic mix of figs and rum. This flavour explosion is really gonna blow your mind. Beware! Driving car and feeding child not recommended.

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Toning up? Counting every protein that gets on your plate? The peanut čokô is going to be your new love. Irresistible taste and solid amount of protein in every portion. Take minimum fat as a bonus. No pain, no gain, have čokô and again.

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